Lawn Fertilization 6 Step Program

Lawn fertilization is key to maintaining the health of your turfgrass. Most soils cannot supply all of the nutrients your turfgrass needs to thrive the entire growing season. During the summer a growing lawn requires a great deal of energy.

The 6 step lawn fertilization program from Heartland Landscaping in Effingham will help your lawn stay healthy by:

  • Fertilizing to replenishing nutrients
  • Weed control and reduction
  • Recovery from pest damage and foot traffic
  • Promote new root and leaf growth

The Lawn Fertilization Program from Heartland Landscaping in Effingham Consists of The Following Options:

Crabgrass Preventor Plus Nitrogen
Applied during March thru Mid April
Crabgrass in an oportunistic weed that can invade your lawn in the hot dry seasons. One crabgrass plant can result in thousands of seeds that germinate the following spring. Our lawn fertilizing program will help stop crabgrass in it's tracks.
Broadleaf Control Plus Nitrogen
Applied during April thru May
 Broadleaf weeds are agressive and can invade week areas of your lawn. Broadleaf weeds do not look like  grass. Examples of broadleaf weeds include dandelions, chickweed and ragweed.
Grubworm Preventor Plus Nitrogen
Applied during June thru July
 Grub worms dine on grass roots which causes parts of your lawn to die. If you don't stop them they will turn into adult beetles which create yet more grub worms.
Fleas, Ticks, Sod, and Webworm Preventor Plus Nitrogen & Iron
Applied Mid August thru October
Fleas and ticks carry disease. Our lawn care program will help prevent them from taking a foothold in your lawn. Web worms are tiny insects that damage your lawn causing dead brown patches.
Fall Broadleaf Control Plus Nitrogen
Applied October thru November
Fall is the best time to treat your lawn for broadleaf plants such as dandelions, ivy and white clover. Herbicide applications are more successful because broadleaf plants store energy in their root system.
Turf Booster Fertilizer with Micro Nutrients
Applied November thru January
Applying fertilizer before the big freeze helps your grass store food for the winter. Encouraging a healthy lawn when spring arrives!

For one of the best lawn fertilizing programs in the Effingham area call Heartland Landscaping (217) 342-2579

We Also Offer Soil Sampling to help ensure the best results for your lawn while using our fertilizer program pending the results your lawn may also need Lime, Potash or Potassium. Don't forget weed control on your parking lots and driveway we can apply year around right a way control for those issues as well.

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