Lawn & Landscape Restoration

Landscaping in Effingham - Lawn Restroration

Take your lawn from eyesore to envy of the neighborhood!

Heartland Landscaping in Effingham are experts in lawn restoration. We can convert your lawn from a brown, weed ridden embarrassment to a lush green landscape that will improve the value of your property.

We offer complete lawn restoration from: leveling, seed, straw and laying sod. We also offer slit seeding, core aeration and over seeding as well, or can simple thatch the lawn and over seed the weak and bare areas too.


Lawn Restoration & Renovation

The first step in lawn restoration is to find what caused your turf to deteriorate. Once we have identified the root cause we will take steps to correct the problems. If the problems are minor we may be able to accomplish the process without the need to establish a new lawn.

Lawn restoration can be very time consuming and can be expensive if you don’t get it right the first time. The experts at Heartland Landscaping in Effingham get it right THE FIRST TIME saving you time and money.

Landscape restoration in Effingham, IL

What caused my turf and grass to deteroriate?

The first step in our lawn restoration program is to determine what is causing your lawn not to flourish. Lawn deteriouration can by caused by acidic soil, not enough fertilizer, insects, disease, thatch buildup, poor drainage, inadequate water, the wrong grass species and many other reasons. Once we find the cause, we will have a solution.

Fertility and Acidity in the Soil

If we suspect inadequate fertility or acidid soil is contributing to poor turf growth we will test your soil. Soil test results will help us determine the type and amount of fertilizer needed to help restore your lawn. Our 6 step lawn fertilization program is a superior solution!

Insects, Weeds & Diseases

We will inspect your lawn and identify the diseases, weeds and pests that are damaging your lawn. Once identified we will recommend a treatment plan to eliminate the problematic intruders from your lawn.

Poor Drainage

Drainage problems can be caused by compacted soil or by lack of drainage. We can breakup compacted soil and install drainage. When these steps are insufficient it may be necessary to regrade your lawn so that water can drain.


Thatch is a layer of decomposed grass roots and stems above the soils surface and beneath the green grass. Thatch restricts the movement of water, fertilizer and pesticides in the soil. Thatch naturally builds up over a period of years and should be removed. Heartland Landscaping in Effingham will mechanically remove the thatch to help restore your lawn.


Poor mowing practices can damage your lawn. Typically lawns should be mowed above 2 inches. Our mowing program prevents damage to your lawn while giving it a well manicured appearance.

The Wrong Turfgrass

The species of turfgrass in your lawn should be adapted to the conditions of your property. Improper turfgrass selection is perhaps the most common cause of problem lawns. In addition low quality turf cultivators and poor quality seed often contribute to problem lawns.

Heartland Landscaping in Effingham will fix these problems and restore your lawn bring your lawn to a beautiful state. Our lawn maintenance and mowing program will help you keep it that way!

Let's get started restoring your lawn!